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The customer information that The Rock Emporium collects is simply to ensure that purchases can be processed in an effective and timely manner. All the information that we receive is kept secure and will not be disclosed to any other parties, no matter what the circumstances.

The information that is provided by the customer is used to form The Rock Emporium's email database. Being a part of this database means customers will be the first to know about new products, various specials and sale items. It is easy to join and leave the email database as you please. 



All the purchases on The Rock Emporium are processed in New Zealand dollars (NZD). 

Currency rates used by The Rock Emporium are “refreshed” twice a day and pulled from http://www.xe.com. Rates are automatically updated at 00:00 GMT and 07:00 GMT. However, it is one of a long list of jobs that are run at this time. The job goes into a queue and is completed within a couple of hours from the scheduled time. 

While we spend plenty of time ensuring that products are represented in the correct manner, sometimes items may vary in color. This is because not everyone out there has the same computer and colors can differ between computers. We definitely will try our hardest at representing items accordingly, but cannot be held liable for any misinforming information.

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